One Amazing Year Down, Many More To Go!

This month, Savon & Nicole will celebrate their first match anniversary!

Starting out in our school based program, the pair decided to continue their friendship in our community based program upon Savon’s graduation from Elementary School.

Savon is a very sweet, caring boy who has told us he thinks everyone should know that he is “brave and likes to stand up for people.”

When we asked Savon what he likes most about being matched with Nicole, he said “She makes me smile and I make her smile.” He also credits Nicole with helping him turn his grades around and gain more confidence in school.

Over their months together, Savon’s mom has commented on how quick he is to tell them how much fun he has with his Big Sister!

When asked about her experience with our program, Nicole responded “I would definitely recommend every person being a Big at some point because it really is such a rewarding experience. These kids really value their time with their Bigs and look up to them as role models.”

This match has one amazing year under their belt, with many more to go!

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