What a Difference Six Years Can Make!

Little Sister, Ariel, was matched with her Big Sister, Lisa, back in 2011. Recently, they commemorated their six years together by recreating one of their initial match outings together, enjoying pizza at Momo’s!

Over the years, Ariel and Lisa have really channeled their inner creativity. They have spent a lot of time on arts and crafts together and even attended art festivals. They have also built things and worked on school projects together.

In recent years, Lisa says it has been a pleasure to watch Ariel grow into such a confident young woman. Ariel is currently in the 11th grade and enrolled in all AP classes, set to graduate next year. As Big Sister Lisa puts it “Her accomplishments don’t come easy. She definitely works for them. She’s a very dedicated young lady.”

Even with all her academic commitments now, they still find time every year to build gingerbread houses together. A memory and tradition they both cherish.

Ariel recently ran a campaign for “Junior Princess” at her highschool. Though she did not win, her Big Sister said she had a great attitude about it!

Lisa says their next adventure together will likely be Ariel learning how to drive! Then, Ariel can pick Lisa up for outings! Something they are both very excited for!

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