Perfectly Matched

Little David and Big Jacek have only been matched for 8 months, but have done so much together in that time! Little David wants to be a lawyer when he grows up and was so excited to be matched with a Big Brother who is a lawyer.

In their first two months together, they played basketball, visited the library multiple times, and went hiking! They really like doing things outdoors and being active.

David’s mom has said, “David is always so excited to see his Big!” This is something Big Brother Jacek is well aware of, telling us that David always asks when they will get together next at the end of an outing together!

Recently, they went to St. Marks for a hike. While there, they got to see an eagle’s nest and some alligators. Little David had never seen alligators in the wild before! It was an exciting experience for both of them.

Thanks to a generous donation of Florida State University football tickets, Little David and Big Jacek were also able to attend a game together!

David and Jacek really are perfectly matched.

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