Big Sister Improves Little Sister’s Outlook on Failure

Little Sister Dakota was matched with Big Sister Catherine last year in our School Based Program.
Recently, they’ve been able to grow their relationship as Dakota has opened up more about her feelings regarding failure and not being able to understand everything in school.
Big Sister Catherine has been extremely supportive and has reminded Dakota that failure isn’t always a bad thing. That it is okay to not understand some things and to not be perfect all the time. Catherine has explained that failure is just an opportunity to learn and see what went wrong, adjust your thinking, and try again.
Since then, Dakota is more open to talking about things she struggles with and has improved dramatically with a willingness to always keep trying! 

77% of Littles say they are doing better in school because of their Big.


One of Dakota and Catherine’s favorite activities to do together is reading and the pair have talked about starting a book club together!
Catherine has even introduced her Little Sister to journaling and expressing herself on paper.
These two are truly quite the match.




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