Big Support for the Next Chapter

Big Sister Lindsey and Little Sister Khalen were originally matched last year in our school based program.

During their first few months together, Lindsey and Khalen spent their time doing crafts together, working on Khalen’s reading skills, and talking. For Christmas, Lindsey helped Khalen make her mom a Christmas wreath to celebrate the holidays. Lindsey also attended the Winter Carnival held at Khalen’s school.

When we asked Khalen why she wanted a Big Sister, she said she just really wanted someone to talk to that could help her in life, and Lindsey has been just that for her!

Lindsey first got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters when she joined our Board of Directors in 2017. It wasn’t long before she knew it was the right time for her to become a mentor and help someone that could benefit from an additional person in their life.

In May, Khalen graduated from 5th grade and officially aged out of our elementary school program. Luckily, dedicated Big Sister Lindsey was able to commit to a community based program transfer, where she can continue to assist Khalen with her academic and personal development in middle school.

They have thoroughly enjoyed their time together and even donated a hand-made piece of artwork to our silent auction at last month’s Big Champagne Bash.

For one of their first outings in their new program, they plan to go to Barnes and Noble to look at books and activities to help Khalen with science.

We are very fortunate to have Bigs like Lindsey that can help Littles like Khalen navigate these new chapters in their lives!

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