Every Child Has A Big Future

You have a big opportunity in front of you—not only to impact a child's life today, but transform their potential for tomorrow.

The Big Futures Program is a career and college readiness initiative designed to equip young people for post-secondary success. High school students, grades 10-12, participate in one-to-one mentoring relationships focused on education and access to key opportunities. High School students have the opportunity to explore career and college paths and experience the workforce through corporate partnerships. Students will participate in hands-on exploration activities such as career fairs and field trips throughout the year.

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3 Unique Exploratory Tracks


Does your Big Future take you on a path to a college degree? This curriculum track provides opportunities and resources for students who wish to attend college after high-school. Students will focus on career exploration in their sophomore year, experiencing a wide range of career options. If the students career path requires a college degree, their junior year will focus on preparation for a seamless college transition. By using the Big Brothers Big Sisters curriculum as a guide, mentors will assist students with the FAFSA, college applications, scholarship opportunities and more.



Does your Big Future take you directly into the workforce? The career track provides resources for students who wish to transition directly into a career after graduation from high school. Students will explore a variety of careers in their sophomore year, until they ultimately select their desired goal career. In the junior year, students will learn a variety of skills to ease their transition into the workforce upon graduation. Students with career goals requiring certifications will be encouraged to obtain those certifications through a local dual enrollment program.



Does your Big Future lead you to military service? The military track of the Big Futures program is designed to help students explore the wide variety of careers the military has to offer. Did you know that almost any civilian job can also be found in the military? In their sophomore year, students will explore a wide range of careers in order to discover and highlight their unique interests. In their junior year, mentors will assist students as they prepare for the transition into military service after graduation, with the help of curriculum provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters. By their senior year, students should feel confident in their ability to achieve their career goals and transition seamlessly into military service.               

For Current Big Futures Mentors & Littles

Become a Corporate Partner

Help us guide the next generation of future leaders by becoming a corporate partner! The Big Futures program includes two programmed field trip days each year where students have the opportunity to visit numerous local businesses in Tallahassee. If your company is interested in hosting Big Futures students, please contact us to find out more!

To find out how your company can become a Big Futures corporate partner, contact [email protected]