Other Local Programs

Children of Incarcerated Parent

Having a mom or dad in prison can make growing up difficult. Children with an incarcerated parent often need additional support and guidance.

Big Brothers Big Sisters knows that children who avoid interactions with the juvenile justice system – and violence, drugs, and alcohol - are more likely to succeed. That's why our professional staff members, supporters, families, and advocates support, encourage and champion the relationships between Bigs and Littles. Bigs help teach their Littles right from wrong and help them make good decisions.

We partner with the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to help fund this program and monitor youth involvement with the Juvenile Justice system while matched with us.

School to Work

In 2016-2017 school year, we launched a new School to Work program with students at Godby High School.  These students were matched with a mentor and participated in field trips throughout the year to different local businesses where they learned about possible career opportunities and what it takes to get a job in different industries.

School to Work Events included:

At Mainline Information Systems on October 13th, mentees learned about the technology industry and what it takes to become an employee in a tech business. They took a tour to see the servers where all of the data is stored and were introduced to Tech Success which is an initiative for high school students to learn Microsoft Office products and win prizes as well!

On November 16th, mentees toured a traditional bank and a more modern bank with tellers that chat through computers with Capital City Bank. Mentees learned about creating a budget which was interesting to see what kind of car, house, etc. they picked until they saw how much everything costs!

January 11th mentees visited Bowstern, a local marketing firm, where they created a name for a product, designed a logo, and also developed a social media campaign to promote their new product! They also toured the building and learned about the different jobs available at Bowstern and what types of degrees it takes to succeed in the marketing industry.

On February 15th, the event was held at Mainline Information Systems where an executive from Capital City Bank presented on “How to be a REAL success – Success is not a destination.” They had interactive group activities and discussions about how you can achieve great things by understanding four very important success building areas: Relationships, Equipping, Attitude and Leadership.

To wrap up the School to Work program for the year, Mainline Information Systems provided mentees with a resume building session as well as activities to help them better communicate and understand the importance of body language and first impressions.  The matches were given puzzle pieces to complete and they discussed how natural leaders became the voice of each group and how other members interacted with one another.

Our local S2W partners included:

Mainline Information Systems 

Capital City Bank