The Most Perfect Mentor in the World

A few weeks ago, our agency received two letters of gratitude from a Little and his mother who are currently involved in our program. While our Littles and their families often express appreciation for their Bigs and everything Big Brothers Big Sisters does for them, it is rare to receive such a thoughtful outpouring of praise.

Thank you to both Big Brother Jimmie and Myron’s mother for defending Little Brother Myron’s potential and helping him achieve his greatest possible future.

Below are excerpts from the letters we received.

Letter from Myron’s mother:

When googling “qualities of a great mentor,” a few words and phrases stuck out to me: available, patient, sensitive, respectful, flexible, supportive, knowledgeable, confident, a good listener, and concern for others. When it comes to describing my son’s Big Brother, Mr. Jimmie, this list does him no justice. It describes him, but it would take 100 more words just to complete his character.

I wanted to honor Mr. Jimmie in some way, not just by giving him a small token, but by letting the world know how fortunate me and my family are that we were accepted into such a wonderful mentorship program such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We are very fortunate to have been matched with the most perfect mentor in the world.

Have you ever seen a man that only met a child a few years ago come to most of that child’s football games?

And see the look of concern and compassion take over his mentors face?

The pride he has when looking on that field watching the child play is one that will fill your eyes with tears because the love is there.

Have you ever seen a mentor unbelievably proud to see his mentee make good grades?

See how his presence in his mentee’s life shows in the mentee’s respect for others and leadership roles he takes in school and elsewhere?

The glee and sheer love shows not only through Mr. Jimmie’s eyes, but through his actions: the games, parent meetings, first day of school calls, texts, time spent, flexibility, and the concern for well-being.

I can never repay Mr. Jimmie for the love he has shown my son and my family. All together, he makes sure Myron has the best and is the best.

Mr. Jimmie goes on vacation but the first thing he does upon arriving back to Tallahassee is to check on his boy.

He genuinely loves Myron and has made such an impact on his life. He has helped Myron go from an F student to an honor roll student, from junior varsity football to varsity, all in a couple of months.

I know God loves us, but to give us such a wonderful man to help me raise my son, I can never stop praising the most high for finding favor through mentorship and I can never repay Big Brothers Big Sisters for the wonderful job they do by ensuring these children have who and what they need in order to succeed.

In essence, I would like to say thank you Big Brothers Big Sisters and thank you Mr. Jimmie. I wish I could give Mr. Jimmie the world, because the love is there, the time spent is there, the message of support and the importance of mentoring is there, and all I can do for now (until I win the lottery) is say thank you and we love you Mr. Jimmie and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend.

Letter from Little Brother Myron:

I would like to say having Mr. Jimmie in my life has kept me on track. Mr. Jimmie has supported me in ways I never experienced.

I am thankful for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Because of them I have met the most influential man in my life and I look forward to spending more time with the best mentor in the world, Mr. Jimmie Hill.

I never had my dad in my life. I used to be sad, especially on Father’s Day, because I had no man I thought loved me, until I met Mr. Jimmie. He teaches me so much, from how to be respectful, how to tie a neck tie, things about football, and life in general. He teaches me things that’s will spill over into me becoming a man. So now, on days like Father’s Day and Christmas I look forward to the time I spend with the man who takes so much of his time and gives it to me and my family.

I see the love in him when he looks at me and how proud he is of me. I know my mom is a great mom, but having Mr. Jimmie in my life has definitely made me be the young man I am now. I am a good boy and will continue to be. I want to make my mom and Mr. Jimmie proud of me.

He has taught me that education and being responsible and respectful can help me get wherever and whatever I want out of life. He means so much to me and my family and I will forever be grateful for him. Thank you all. Thank you and love you Mr. Jimmie.



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