Each year, Big Brothers Big Sisters honors an outstanding Big Brother/Little Brother and Big Sister/Little Sister. The nominees are the perfect illustration on how the mentoring relationship helps Littles achieve their biggest possible futures and makes a long-lasting impact on the Big too. Celebrate with our agency and learn first-hand from our matches how our volunteer Bigs positively impact their Littles' lives and defend the potential of youth in our community.

Our 2022 Winners!
Big Brother of the Year: Sam Kerce, pictured with Little Brother River
Big Sister of the Year: Katie Butoft, pictured with Little Sister Dashia

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Watch all of our Big Brother & Big Sister 2022 nominee interview videos with their Little.

Big Brother of the Year Nominee
Jahmadd and Krysis

Jahmadd and Krysis have been matched for the past two years when Krysis was only 10 years old. With Jahmadd as his mentor, Krysis has been able to come out of his shell and interact more with others his age, even if its just for a short amount of time. During the pandemic when Krysis was having trouble completing his work, Jahmadd would come by multiple times a week to help him with his homework and since then his lowest grade has been a B. Krysis's guardian, Alkesha says, "the change that has taken place between when he was ten and now is amazing. I am confident that as long as Jahmadd continues to be in Krysis' life, he will continue to improve. He definitely deserves to be Big of the year."

Big Sister of the Year Nominee
Katie and Dashia

Katie and Dashia were matched in 2019 and have been together for over two years now! Katie is very understanding with Dashia which has allowed Dashia is to open up and become very comfortable. Katie truly cares about Dashia and her whole family and goes above and beyond with everything she does. Dashia believes Katie should be Big of the Year "because she's a very sweet person and she deserves to be nominated." When Dashia thinks of a special moment with Katie, "It's hard to pick just one! But I like to go out to eat and have somebody to talk too. My favorite place to go with her is Lofty Pursuit. Katie is very understanding and a very good listener. She's just like having a big sister. :)" 

Big Brother of the Year Nominee
Sam and River

Sam and River have been matched together for the past eight years! Throughout the years, Sam has been there for River in good times or bad, struggling or thriving. Whenever River has a breakdown, Sam talks him through it and lets him know he can reach out anytime. Recently, Sam got married and River was one of his groomsmen! He was included in all the wedding activities including stealing a dance with the bride!). River's guardian Jennifer says, "Sam demonstrates the strength of character it takes year after year to mentor young men. He has never once backed away from a challenge for River in anyway. He always steps forward." River says that Sam should be Big of the year "because he represents everything that a Big Brother should be. He should be the face of Big Brothers Big Sisters. We have been together for 8 plus years now."

Big Sister of the Year Nominee
Valerie and Tyler

Valerie has been there for Tyler since day 1! They have gone out to eat, to the movies, and talk and text often. Although Valerie has moved back to her hometown after graduating from FSU, her and Tyler have not missed a beat! They watch movies over zoom together and talk and check up on each other often. Since having an amazing Big like Valerie, Tyler has come out of his shell more, expresses himself with his words, and is an A/B honor roll student. "My Big should be nominated because she is so deserving and she has worked very hard. Ms. Valerie is my teacher and my friend and we have lots of fun together. Even though we are apart I still love to watch movies with her and we still have fun just talking and finding out how my day went, She deserves to be nominated and chosen to win this great reward. Thank you Ms. Valerie for all that you do I will continue to make you proud of me" says Tyler. 

Big Brother of the Year Nominee
Dan and Lloyd

Dan and Lloyd have been matched since 2019 and have been a dynamic duo ever since! Their adventures include canoeing and playing video games to going zip lining. Lloyd looks up to Dan as a mentor and friend. Since being matched with Dan, Lloyd's social skills are improving, he is becoming a better listener, and this confidence has helped him maintain being on his school honor roll as he learns to believe in himself. Lloyd's guardian Luann says, "Dan has always been a constant positive influence in Lloyd's life. That monthly call and visit are always consistent, and it lets Lloyd know that he is important to Dan, that he genuinely matters." 

Big Sister of the Year Nominee
Charlotte and Dontavious

Charlotte and Dontavious have been matched since August 2020! When Charlotte and Dontavious are not hanging out in person, they are talking on the phone or texting to share special moments or just silly faces. Charlotte has great communication skills and allows Dontavious to express his feelings without getting impatient. Charlotte is also consistent to hangout with Dontavious and never forgets about him. Dontavious thinks Charlotte should be Big of the Year because "She's cool and kind like me." Dontavious' special moment with Charlotte was "making my halloween costume together. She is a great artist and I have awesome one of a kind costume."