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As a parent, you recognize the potential of your child better than anyone. By giving them the opportunity to be part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re starting them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future.

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85% of former Littles surveyed agree their experience influenced them in overcoming adversity or problems with courage.

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Could your little one use a Big?

It all starts with the right role models. And Big Brothers Big Sisters is the place to start a relationship with one. For over 100 years, due in large part to private donations, we’ve been able to recruit, screen, match and support mentoring relationships that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people across the country — one Little at a time.

You’ll feel the impact as much as your child.
A study of Big Brothers Big Sisters1 found that kids matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister:

  • are more confident
  • are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  • do better in school
  • get along better with their family and friends
  • feel better about themselves

Parents wanted.
You know what’s best for your child. So we’ll need your help from the start, providing information about your child’s strengths and needs, and ultimately approving the Big Brother or Big Sister match. But your role doesn’t end there.

Safety from the start.
Your child's safety is extremely important to us. Big Brothers Big Sisters conducts a thorough background check on every volunteer in our program, and every relationship is closely monitored and supported by a professionally trained match coordinator.

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How will your child be involved?

Please see the below description of our two programs to judge if your child qualifies.

Enhanced School-Based Mentoring

In the enhanced school-based mentoring program, volunteers and children meet regularly during the school year, typically for one hour each week, utilizing all available resources within the school: computer labs, the library, the gym, a classroom, or the schoolyard. Whether the Bigs and Littles play games or read the newspaper together, their relationships promote a positive school experience for the children, which increases attendance, positive peer and adult relationships, a positive attitude, and academic enrichment. As the friendships evolve over time, volunteers and children discover ways to make school and learning fun. To be involved in our enhanced school-based mentoring program, a child must: (1) attend one of the six schools listed in red on the below map, (2) must be at least six years of age, (3) must have a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian, and (4) must agree to having contact with a Big Brothers Big Sisters employee on a monthly basis for the life of his or her match.

Please note that we make a limited number of enhanced school-based mentoring matches per year, and therefore, your child may have to wait to be matched with a mentor.

Below is a map of the schools we are serving for the 2015-16 school year. For more information on enhanced school-based mentoring, contact Melanie Quinton at melanie@bigbendmentoring.org.

Community-Based Mentoring

Community-Based Mentoring is about one-to-one time spent between the volunteer and the child doing things out in the community they can both enjoy. Several hours a month are filled with shared interests and activities like: shooting hoops, playing games, sharing pizza, taking a walk, or just hanging out and talking. The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of mentors and young people in all types of situations. Some Bigs meet their Littles on the weekends or in the evenings. Others get together with their Littles after school. To be involved in our community-based mentoring program, a child must: (1) be between six and 16 years of age and (2) agree to having contact with a Big Brothers Big Sisters employee on a monthly basis for the life of his or her match.

Please note that this program has the longest wait time - children who enroll can wait two years or more to be matched.

In the below map, the counties colored in purple are those that our community-based program serves. For more information on community-based mentoring, contact Melanie Quinton at melanie@bbbsbigbend.org



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1. Tierney, J.P., Grossman, J.B., and Resch, N.L. (1995) Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures

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